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Essence and Position of Tawheed

I have translated this text using google translate, sorry if there are still many mistake, I hope it may be useful for all of us…

The Word of God:
“And I have not created jinn and man to worship Me” (Adh-Dzariyat [51]: 56)

Worship is servitude to Allah by obeying all his commandments and refrain from His prohibitions, such as those delivered by the Prophet.
And this is the essence of the religion of Islam, because Islam is the meaning of surrender to God solely accompanied by absolute obedience to Him with a sense of low self-esteem and love.
Worship also means all the words and deeds, both physically and spiritually, who loved and blessed of God. And a charity accepted by God as an intentional worship if Ikhlash, solely because of God, and follow the guidance of the Prophet.

“And verily We sent messengers to every nation (to call): ‘Worship Allah (Alone), and shun the Evil’.” (An-Nahl [16]: 36)

Evil is all that is used-to-be worshiped but Allah, obey, or comply; either used in the form of stone, man, or devil.
Steer clear of Evil: deny; hate; did not want to worship and adore him in both form and by any means.

“And your Lord has decreed that you not worship except Him, and let the mother do good to your father as well as possible. If any one of them or both of them to mature further in pemeliharaanmu, then you do not ever say the two words ‘ah’ and do not be shouting at them and say to them a noble word. And Humble yourselves against them both with full devotion and say: ‘O my Lord, love them both, as they did bring me little time’. ” (Al-Isra ‘[17]: 23-24)

“Worship Allah and do not associate him with something else (do shirk).” (An-Nisa ‘[4]: 36)

Commit shirk ie treat something-than-equal with God the things that are God’s special rights for Him

Ibn Mas’ud said:
“Anyone who wants to see the will of Muhammad, which is listed on the signet ring belongs to him, then let him read the word of God” Say (Muhammad): ‘Let me read you what was forbidden to you by your Lord, that you must not associate anything with Him … ‘ and so on, up to his word: “And (I read): ‘It is my way to be in a state of straight …’ and so on. ” (This Atsar At-Tirmidhi narrated, Ibn Al-Munzir and Ibn Abi Hatim.)

Mu’adh bin Jabal said, “I never diboncengkan Prophet over a donkey. Then he said to me: ‘O Mu’adh, do you know what Allah’s right that must be met by his servants and the servants of the rights inevitably be met by God? ‘ I replied: Allah and His Apostle know better. Beliaupun said: ‘The right of God shall be fulfilled by His servants is that they worship Him alone and do not shirk at all to him. While the rights of the servants who definitely fulfilled God is that God will not torture people who do not shirk at all to him. ‘ I asked the Messenger of Allah is not it necessary I convey this good news to people? She said ‘Do not you deliver the good news to them, so they will be relying later’. ” (Narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim in their Sahih)

Content of This Chapter
1. Lessons created jinn and man to God
2. Tawheed is the essence of worship, because of conflict with [the Prophet with mushrikeen] in this issue of monotheism.
3. Anyone who is not carrying out this monotheism, he has not worship (subservient) to God. Herein lies the understanding the word of God:
“And ye are not worshipers of the Lord that which I worship.” (Al-Kafirun: 3)
4. Lessons coming of the apostles, [is to ban called for monotheism and polytheism]
5. The sending of apostles has covered all the people
6. That the teaching / guidance of the prophets is one [ie Tawheed (purification of worship to Allah)]
7. The big problem, namely that the worship of God will not come with truth except by denying taghout. And this is the sense of the word of God, “Whoever is ungrateful to Evil and believes in Allah, then indeed he has adhered to the gusset strap very strong.” (Al-Baqarah: 256)
8. Evil is common sense, covering any besides Allah who honored
9. Muhkamat third paragraph in the letter that the Al-An’am according to the Salaf, has an important position because it contained ten problems, the first is the prohibition against shirk.
10. Muhkamat verses mentioned in Surat al-Isra ‘, containing eighteen issues, starting with the word of God, “Do not you have put other gods beside Allah, lest you become blameworthy and not left (Allah)” (Al-Isra ‘: 22) And ends with his words, “And do not set up another god beside God, that thou shouldst be thrown into Hell in a deplorable state again kept away (from the mercy of Allah).” (Al-Isra ‘: 39) And God reminds us of the importance of these issues with his words, “That’s part of God’s wisdom is revealed to you.” (Al-Isra ‘: 39)
11. Verse in Surat an-Nisa ‘, mentioned in it ten rights, the first of which is as Allah says, “Worship Allah and do not associate him with something else.” (An-Nisa ‘: 36)
12. Keep in mind testament prophet at the end of his life
13. Knowing God’s right that we must carry out
14. Knowing the rights of the servants of God who will surely be met Him, if they exercise upon them
15. That this problem is not known by most companions. because the Prophet sent Mu’adh to avoid disclosing it to them, saying he was worried that they would later be leaned against the vastness of God’s grace that would not compete doing good deeds. Then Mu’adh did not inform the matter except at the end of his life with guilt. Therefore, in the lifetime of Mu’adh this problem is not known to most friends.
16. Science should keep this issue to beneficiaries
17. Encouraged fellow Muslims to convey a message that delighted him
18. Prophet was concerned about the attitude of relying to the extent of God’s grace
19. Answer those who asked, while he does not know, is “Allah knows best Rasuluhu wa” (God and His Apostle know better)
20. May convey knowledge to certain people, without the other
21. Humility prophet because when riding a donkey, he would give a lift others behind
22. Someone should give a lift above the animal, if the animal is strong
23. Mu’adh bin Jabal virtue
24. That monotheism has a very basic position.

Quoted from:
BOOK Tawheed
CHAPTER Tawheed, [ESSENCE and position]



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