Valentine’s Day Celebration

     In the year 494 AD , Pope Gelasius I change Lupercaria ceremony held every February 15 became the official celebration of the church . Two years later , the Pope changed the date of the celebration be February 14 to coincide with the date of the death of Saint Valentine as a form of respect and cult to Saint Valentine . Thus the celebration Lupercaria no longer exists and is replaced with ” Valentine Days “

Love is a word that is beautiful and enchanting that until now no one has been able to define the word love itself . Even so every person who has a normal heart and mind know what love is and how it feels . Essence of the holy Maha has created love .


If we talk about love, then we will talk about the nature of love : if we are talking about compassion , it will be conceived in our minds will one day annually celebrated , the day which is always awaited by people in love , and the day is an important moment devotee tasty for lust .


Momentarily opening the pages of history of human life , then there is a story that is said is the holding of origin milestone day to look forward to it . Surely the reader can already guess the day we mean . The day was none other than the ” Valentine Days ” ( Valentine’s Day ? ) .


Definition of Valentine Days

The Dear readers , let us briefly explore the definition of their references Valentine’s Days alone ! If we open up some free , then we will find defenesi Valentine in three places :

1 . American Encyclopedia ( volume XIII / p. 464 ) stated , ” February 14, is a modern day celebration from a Christian sentenced to death a hero is Saint Valentine on February 14, 270 AD ” .


2 . American Encyclopedia ( volume XXVII / p. 860 ) says , ” That is a day where people are being hit by a mutual love traditionally sends a message of love and gifts . Namely day that St. Valentine suffered martyrdom ( who died as a hero for defending trust / confidence ) ” .


3 . Encyclopedia of Britain ( volume XIII / p. 949 ) , ” Valentine mentioned it was a messenger from Rhaetia and glorified as the first bishop of Passau ” .


A Brief History of Valentine’s Days

The legend says that , since the 4th century BC , there have been celebration of Valentines Day. But the celebration is not called Valentine’s Day . The celebration does not have a relationship at all Dangan Valentine’s Day , but in honor of the god named Lupercus . This event shaped ceremony and lucky draw interspersed in it to find a mate . By pulling a roll of paper containing the names , the girls get a pair . Then they were married for a period of one year , after which they can be left alone . And if you already own , they wrote his name into the box to be included in the lottery again next year ceremonies .


Meanwhile , on February 14, 269 AD left a Christian priest named Valentine . During his life , other than as a pastor he is also known as a physician ( doctor ) is generous , kind and has a patriotism that is able to evoke the spirit of struggle . With these properties , it seems able to raise public awareness of the suffering they feel , because kezhaliman the Emperor . The Emperor hated the Christians can and pursue the teachings of Prophet Jesus followers . Valentine ‘s pastor was killed for violating the rules made by the Emperor , which prohibits the youth to get married , because it can be used as a single young man army better than the soldiers who had been married . Valentine as a priest , sad to see the drunken youth romance . Finally, with courage , he violated the order of the Emperor . He secretly married young couple . Reverend Valentine tried to help a couple who are in love and want to form a family . Couples who want to get married and blessed in secret . But apparently , the Emperor knows that the activities conducted by the pastor , and the emperor was so offended by the pastor was sentenced cut by the Roman Emperor who holds Cladius II . Since the death of Valentine , the story spread and spread, until no one else in the remote area of ​​Rome that did not hear the story of life and death . Grandparents telling tales of Saint Valentine in her children and grandchildren to the level of cult ! !


When the Catholic religion began to grow, the leader of the church want to contribute to that role . For mensiasatinya , they are looking for a new character instead of the god of Love , Lupercus . Eventually they find a replacement Lupercus , namely St. Valentine .


In the year 494 AD , Pope Gelasius I change Lupercaria ceremony held every February 15 became the official celebration of the church . Two years later , the Pope changed the date of the celebration be February 14 to coincide with the date of the death of Saint Valentine as a form of respect and cult to Saint Valentine . Thus the celebration Lupercaria no longer exists and is replaced with ” Valentine Days ”


As per its development , Valentine’s Day has become a routine ritual for the church to be celebrated . Let no formal look , they wrapped it in entertainment or parties .


Islamic law on Valentine’s Days Celebration

In Islam it is disyari’atkan compassion to fellow Muslims , but all are within the limits and provisions of God – Almighty – . How much we get young men and women from among the Muslims who are still ignorant ( ignorant ) about this issue . Worse yet , there are some people who do not care and just follow his desires. Though the celebration of Valentine’s Day ( Valentine Days ) illegitimate from the following several aspects :

1 . Tasyabbuh the Gentiles

Feast – like , Valentine’s Days – are characteristic , and manhaj ( method ) infidels who should be shunned . A Muslim must not resemble them in celebrating the day .


Shaykh al- Islam Ibn Taymiyyah Ad- Dimasyqiy – rahimahullah – said , “There is no difference between them in the days following the election, and follow them in the manhaj ( method of religion ) , because they mencocoki throughout their mencocoki means feast in disbelief. Mencocoki them in sebagaian feast their mencocoki means in most branches of disbelief. fact feast day is the most special characteristic of the Shari’ah , the Shari’ah (religions ) , and Symbols of the most visible to him. then their mencocoki Eid means shariah blasphemy mencocoki them in the most special , the most visible and Symbols . mencocoki not doubt that they are in many cases this ends on a global blasphemy ” . [ See Al – Iqtidho ‘ ( hal.186 ) ] .


Follow celebrate Valentine Days including tasyabbuh design ( simulation ) with unbelievers . Prophet – Shollallahu ‘ alayhi wasallam , said,

من تشبه بقوم فهو منهم

” Whoever resembles a people is that it includes a people .” [ HR . Abu Dawud in his Sunan ( 4031 ) and Ahmad in al- Musnad ( 5114 , 5115 , & 5667 ), Ibn Abi Shaybah in al – Mushonnaf ( 19401 & 33016 ) , Al – Baihaqiy in Syu’ab Al -Iman ( 1199 ) , Ath – Thobroniy in Musnad Al- Syamiyyin ( 216 ) , Al – Qudho’iy in Musnad Ash- Shihab (390 ) , and Abd bin Humaid Al- Muntakhob ( 848 ) . This hadith in – Shohih for by Al – Albaniy in takhrij Musykilah Al – Faqr ( 24 ) ] .

Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam , in a hadith Shohih said, ” You guys will really follow the way of life of those before you , span by span , cubit by cubit so if they entered a lizard’s hole , then you already follow them ” . We ( the companions ) said , ” O Messenger of Allah , whether they are Jews , and Nashrani ” . He replied, ” Who else if not them ” . [ HR . Al – Bukhoriy ( 3456 ) from Abu Sa’id Al – Khudriy – radi ‘ anhu – ] ” . [ See Al – Ibda ‘ fees Madhorril reflection ‘ ( p. 254-255 ) ]


But regrettably, Most Muslims are competing and proud of Valentine’s Days celebration . On that day , sharing their gifts ranging from chocolates, flowers to more than that of their spouse . But this festival can not dirayakan.Kita Just got two feasts in Islam . Additionally , None Syari’atnya ! !


2 . Vice Head of Instruction and Adultery

Valentine Days event to deliver a form of vice and most of which are forms of idolatry. Did moment like this ( ValentineDays ) is used to excite feelings of love to the love , good by giving gifts, spending time alone together only ? Even sometimes reach levels of intimacy .

Allah Subhanahu wa – Ta’la says in prohibiting adultery and instruction (eg , courtship , tandem , holding , looking, and more) ,

ولا تقربوا الزنا إنه كان فاحشة وساء سبيلا

” And do not approach adultery, fornication Indeed it is an abomination . , And an evil way .” (Surah Al – Isra ‘: 32 )

Messenger – Shollallahu ‘ alayhi wasallam , said,

لايخلون أحدكم بامرأة إلا مع ذي محرم

” Never one you retreat with women , except with a mahram .” [ HR . Al – Shohih Bukhoriy in his ( 4935 ) and Muslim in his Shohih ( 1241 ) ] .


Messenger – Shollallahu ‘ alayhi wasallam , said:

لأن يطعن في رأس أحدكم بمخيط من حديد خير من أن يمس امرأة لاتحل له

” By Allah , so if one of you head pierced with a needle of iron , so that’s better than it was touching women who are not lawful for him” . [ HR . Ath – Thabrani in Al – Kabir ( 486 ) . In – saheeh for by Sheikh Al- Albany in Ash – Shahihah ( 226 ) ]


3 . Hari Raya created Rari

Celebrate Velentine Days means a day as a holiday. But someone in the set one day as a holiday , it takes evidence from the Qur’an and Sunnah . Because the set is a feast there is no new thing that postulation is reprehensible . Messenger – Shollallahu ‘ alayhi wasallam , said,

من أحدث في أمرنا هذا ما ليس منه فهو رد

” Anyone who invents in ( of) us something that is not in it , then it rejected ” [ HR . Al – Bukhariy in his Saheeh ( 2697 ) and Muslim in his Saheeh ( 1718 ) ]


Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam , said,

من عمل عملا ليس عليه أمرنا فهو رد

“Those who do not have a practice tuntunannya from us , then the practice is rejected ” . [ HR . Muslim in his Saheeh ( 1718 ) ]


Allah Ta’ala , has perfected the religion of Islam . All things have been arranged , and disyari’atkan by God . So , not something that is good, but has been described by Islam in the Qur’an and Sunnah . Similarly, there is no a bad thing, unless it has been described in Islam . This is the perfection of Islam expressed in his words,

” This day have I for you your religion , and has been my pleasure to make both ends meet Me and My Was – ridhai Islam be the religion for you .” ( QS.Al -Maidah [ 5 ] : 3 ) .


In our religion is perfect, the only recorded two feast, namely: Eid ul-Fitr and Eid al-Adha . Therefore, the Prophet , sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam – reject two feast ever made by the people of Madinah. Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam , said to his Companions Anshor ,

“I come to you , and you have two days , you play in it at the time of ignorance . Allah had replaced it with a better day of it , namely: the day of Nahr (read: iedul Adh- ha ) , and today fithr (read: iedul pure ” . [ HR . Abu Dawud in his Sunan ( 1134 ) , An- Nasa ` iy in his Sunan ( 3/179 ) , Ahmad in al – Musnad ( 3/103 . See Saheeh Sunan Abi Dawood ( 1134 ) ] .


It’s a very sad thing , thus this festival has become a much anticipated day by some of the Muslims , especially the young servant . Worse yet , Valentine Days festival is to commemorate the death of the infidel (that Saint Valentine ) . Things like this can not be , because the cause of a Muslim loves the unbelievers.

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